Discounts for Gamers: Where To Find The Best Deals


There’s no need to wait for the sales to start for a good deal anymore. And whether you want to add to your game collection or buy the latest, most powerful gaming setup, you’ll nearly always find a better deal than at your local store.

Of course, discount prices and offers are not restricted to gaming-pcs, graphic cards, speakers and screens. As the bigger conglomerates take over global trade, they provide all consumers with competitive pricing, low to free shipping, and long warranties that push many of the smaller stores out of the market. Online shopping platforms like Amazon can be confusing, allowing all manner of businesses to advertise their products online. While one product may be cheaper with a particular seller, that doesn’t always mean you’re better off. There’s so much more to consider. And for larger electronics, a fail-safe guarantee is mandatory.

That’s why dealing directly with a large online department store like Universal or a recognised multimedia giant like MediaMarktSaturn is usually the best bet. With international stores and a loyal public thanks to their being able to offer the right product at the right price, customer care is an important part of their marketing strategy. 

With the world being forced to shop online, the public is benefitting from all of this retail competition. If you want to buy a gaming-PC from Universal for example, you’ll enjoy free shipping and two years’ warranty that covers 100% of all parts and repairs plus a further guaranteed year that covers 80% of these potential costs. Sign up for the store’s consumer premium membership and you can request further discounts. Alternatively, order via a universal gutschein or universal discount voucher from one of the store’s popular affiliates and you can knock the price down without paying any membership fees, no matter how low these may be. This is the better choice for customers who don’t plan on making lots of purchases from the same store.

Many of your favourite gamers also offer discounts on certain electronics, games and associated merchandising. By testing out different machines, showing how to get to the next level or introducing the latest products, influencers get to share discounts with their followers – as affiliates. There really is no reason why you ever need to pay the recommended retail price for anything. And not only with mid-range brands, either. 

The country you buy your equipment and games from can also affect how much you pay. The crazy rush to get the first PS5s last year had people searching all over the world for stock. Their research turned up some interesting price differences. The lowest prices were found in Japan, while the highest were charged in  the EU and Indonesia. The price difference? US$149. And no, this isn’t a price comparison between the original and the digital editions of the PlayStation 5 but the gap between global prices for the same model. It pays to do your research internationally.

While a quick flight to Japan might not justify the price difference – even with the ส่วนลด agoda coupon – the fact that international shipping prices are very affordable means it is always worth navigating a foreign language site. Most will have translations in at least one familiar language. If not, you will get the most important information using Google Translate. Parcel shipping at the end of 2020 was, of course, headed by China who made up over 60% of the global shipping market. China was followed (after a very wide gap) by the US, Japan, the UK (although this won’t be the case in 2021 as Brexit has increased the costs of imports and exports) and Germany. So you see, it often makes sense to make a purchase further afield.

For the very budget-conscious, a refurbished and updated machine could be the next best thing. Try to ensure the company that upgrades your gaming computer is affiliated in some way to the original seller. While this pushes up the price, the influx of cheap parts that may or may not function as they should could cause expensive problems down the line. And you won’t find a three year warranty on a refurbished model that covers all components and parts, either. 

Whatever you want to purchase to make your gaming experience as good as it can get (what about the right desk and chair?), research the model you want and only then use your energy to find the right supplier. The right one should offer a combination of long warranty, low shipping (and free returns should this be necessary), the genuine article, and the best price. Shop via an affiliate and you could reduce the price even further. And remember, the recommended retail price is never recommended – at least where the customer is concerned!


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