For Beginners in Anime Blogging


Genki GirlBeginners in blog writing will most likely have difficulty in writing and maintaining their blogs, without the right amount of prodding and guidance. Being a beginner makes it too easy to feel discouraged and uninspired, especially if you’re met with the problem of not having enough influence to generate a lot of readership.

However, this is not beyond redemption. There are a lot of ways by which you can improve your blog’s publicity and at the same time increase its readership and site visits. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a blog is not really as difficult as it sounds, as long as there is a deep level of commitment and dedication to it. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is this: are you really passionate enough about anime and writing blogs about it? If your answer to the above questions is a loud ‘yes’, then by all means, read on.

Tips to Improve in Anime Blogging

Genki_GirlThe first thing you can try doing is to follow up your post with an attractive and eye-catching picture. You can get a particular powerful scene from your favorite anime, one that has the most striking message for you and at the same time captures the message of your write-up.

Second, you can also give your readers another outlet through which they can follow you. Most blogwriters have Facebook or Twitter accounts, and through these social media platforms, the writers can interact and engage with their readers. With this opportunity for interaction and engagement that you offer your readers, they will find you exciting to follow and read.

Third, you might also want to follow other blogs and other authors, and comment on their posts. You see, much of blog-writing and maintaining a blog really has a lot to do with keeping yourself rooted in a community. If you participate well in this community, you can most likely expect that the community will also respond well to you and to your efforts of reaching out to them.

Fourth, you may also want to write with a unique style. As you continue reading other blogs, you’ll eventually get acquainted with the different writing styles of various authors. It would also be good to develop a style that’s all your own.


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